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  • English Language and Fine Arts

    Friday April 5th - On the one hand, literature and the arts are easier to permeate with Catholic faith because there are such things as Catholic novels, paintings, sculptures, chorales and cantatas.  On the other hand, permeation is more than teaching Catholic content.  It also includes context.  It ask questions like, “What is a Catholic attitude towards literature in general, Catholic or otherwise? And “Why has the Church produced such a wealth of great art?” and “Can the creative act of the artist connect that person with the Creator in some way?”  Come and think about how permeating English and the Fine Arts is about Catholic content, but also so much more.

  • Social Studies, History, Health and Phys. Ed.

    Thursday May 2nd - No one should graduate from a Catholic school and not know something about Church history.  And our students should definitely be equipped to answer some common false claims made about the Church.  (Did you know, e.g., that medieval Christians never believed that the earth was flat?)  But we also need to think about other questions.  “Health is important, but is it possible to live well and meaningfully if we’re not healthy?”  “What virtues might we cultivate through sport and exercise?”  “What does the Church think about various political systems or about the participation of the faithful in politics?”

  • Math and Science

    Tuesday June 4 - While every Catholic high school student should know names like Gregor Mendel (the monk who discovered genetics) or Georges LeMaitre (the priest who first hypothesized the Big Bang), the bigger questions here are about the relationship between God, humanity and a remarkably ordered universe.  “What does it say about the universe that we can create a language to describe it with the precision of mathematics?” “What kind of thing is humanity, that it would create such a language?”  “Why are math and science both predictable and full of surprises?”  “What kind of Creator makes a reality like this?”  Come out and think about how even math and science are full of opportunities for bringing a Catholic worldview into our classrooms.

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Brett Salkeld

Brett Salkeld

Doctor of Theology

Brett Salkeld is Archdiocesan Theologian for the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina. With a doctorate in systematic theology from Regis College, Toronto, and a B.Ed. from the University of Regina, Dr. Salkeld has worked with Catholic teachers and education students across Canada for many years, teaching in professional development, undergraduate, and graduate programs.Dr. Salkeld's writings include the books How Far Can We Go? A Catholic Guide to Sex and Dating  (with Leah Perrault), and Transubstantiation: Theology, History, and Christian Unity(2019).  He lives in Regina, Canada with his wife Flannery and their growing family.