Do miracles happen?

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I created this course because I noticed that there was alot of misunderstanding about miracles. So many resources talk about faith in miracles with very little scientific knowledge; so many others discredit and ignore miraculous claims because they reject religious faith! I don't see a contradiction between faith and science. In fact, I think the claim of miracles is a great place for faith and science to have a really rich conversation!
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A Course Unlike Anything You've Experienced

  • Faith & Science

    Critical thinking doesn't mean rejecting other ways of knowing

  • Real Events

    We use history and science to question miraculous claims

  • Deeds of Power

    Is God the simplest explanation for phenomena we don't understand?


Ryan LeBlanc

Ryan LeBlanc

Master of Arts (Religious Education)

Ryan LeBlanc, B.A., B.Ed., M.A, is a career classroom teacher, learning leader, and workshop facilitator. Now, his cutting-edge educational methods and years of practical experience with thousands of learners is available through his comprehensive online courses. Ryan's learning model harnesses the power of multi-directional coaching: learning happens in community, and each learner has experience that can benefit everyone. Ryan has facilitated successful learning for diverse audiences, such as: inner-city teenagers and prep school teenagers, religious clergy, preschool children, sacramental catechumens, professional learning conferences and workshops, inmates in prisons and academics in universities.